Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Outfit Blitz: 7 Designer Pieces to Mix n Match

Sweatshirt with ace of spades print and semi-sheer back
Religion Ace of Spades jumper with semi-sheer back, £55

White crocuses, buttery daffodils and skin-warming sunshine. Then gloomy skies, monsoon rains and mud all over your ankle boots. It's all going on with Spring, isn't it?

So what're you wearing to beat the mixed up weather?

Here are 7 mix 'n' match pieces (including v. cool designer shades) to fix your spring style right now.

Multi-fasten loose biker-style top for women
Religion Clothing relaxed biker top, £24.90 on sale

We like the Religion Clothing Duvalier as an option for the of-the-moment shacket (shirt-jacket). Fasten it how you like to create different looks: asymmetric draped or biker-style zipped. Plus it's lightweight enough to toss in your bag and pull on as needed.

Or go rough 'n' ready with the Ace of Spades jumper (main photo). We love this one. Ace of Everything. It's mean to the front, but the back's just sheer enough to keep you more lady than rude girl. So you can work it with relatively straight stuff for work, as well as badass minis or biker jeans come night.

Don't let the name fool you. With cap sleeves and glorious hand-drawn print to the back, the D'Amour Cute Top (£59.99) is a serious wardrobe friend. Work it with the Religion Laddered Leggings in grey/black (below) or a wiggle skirt and fitted jacket for workwear cool.

These ladder print leggings (£39.99) are weekend saviours. Especially in this in-between season when you're not quite on top of the shaving routine. They've got a proper dose of rebel and look great with slinky vests or oversize shirts.

While if you're after a sleeker style, you can't go wrong with skinny white jeans (£39.99). These ones are complete with Religion's crucifix stitching to the back pocket and double skull branding. And they'll take you straight through summer too.

Now, these Religion Clothing bracelets (£12.99 each) aren't work-friendly, but they've got warm weather all over them. Get two in different colours for stacking. The chunky style has a '60s vibe and makes wrists look slender.

Top it all off with retro-styled sunglasses in colour block. With Galaxy Optical lenses, UV protection, and Religion Clothing frames, these ones are a hush-hush bargain at under £40.

Friday, 7 February 2014

New Religion Clothing For Sun-Soaked Getaways

Grey sleeveless maxi dress with round cutouts and scoop neck
Stay cool in the heat of Ibiza Town. Religion Dire Maxi, £59.99

Bet you've been secretly browsing plane tickets for your summer holiday. Or at least checking out the SS14 fashions that won't beat up your wallet. Right?

Right on time, we've got new stock in from Religion Clothing and it's heavy on island getaway/pool party looks. So, boys 'n' girls, here are our 7 favourites.

Holiday Awesomeness for the Girls

If you're not into maxi dresses (there's even one of us who doesn't do them), the Dire also comes as a top in refreshingly cool white. All you need are boy shorts or a bikini and some waterproof eyeshadow.

White loose top with round cutouts by Religion Clothing
Religion Clothing Dire Top, £29.99

Then there's the Duchess dress in blue, which works with loads of skin tones. Plus you can dress it up or down in a snap. Cuff bracelet and gladiators for drinks out. Colour-pop Converse for day-time roaming around Old Town.

Round neck mini dress in blue wash by Religion Clothing
Duchess Dress in blue wash: ultimate holiday wear, £49.99

Nothing Less for the Boys

And when it comes to menswear, see the praying skeleton and know you're in good hands. These men's t-shirts pack enough cool factor to beat fatigue, sweat, and hangovers.

First up's the zero-effort, all-day and night Dream Tee. You could wear this crew neck poolside, beach bar and club. Not that you'd go all day without changing...Anyway, here it is. Complete with slightly roughed up neckline and insider brand details.

Dream T-shirt in white with skeleton logo and patch, £24.99

Then we've got the Kink Vest, which is going to be your new going-out clothes friend this summer, we know. Top photo print, classic Religion Clothing parallel stitching down the back, and the neckline's not too low. Come cooler nights, just throw on a black jacket and you're done.

Photo print men's vest with smoking girl by Religion Clothing
Ripe for clubbing: Religion Kink Vest, £29.99
And now, for a more subtle look.

It's the Empty Polo shirt in black. Button it up for a smooth look that'll last you year round. Or go undone when you absolutely have to show off the results of that gym burn. Either way, it's a great cut and a sleek look.

Black polo shirt with button front Religion Clothing menswear
Empty Polo, £29.99. At your service all year

Hmmm, realising we've been a bit heavy on the black and white. So our last menswear piece gives you a colour shot. No worries, it's in wash effect so quite toned down and super casual.

Perfect for the beach, the Slovenly Tee is a soft cotton love-in for your skin. Just right after a hard day's night.

Wash-effect men's t-shirt in garnet with praying skeleton logo
Religion Clothing Slovenly T-shirt, £29.99

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year Comedown Casual: 5 Pieces You Need Pronto

Black and white skeleton jumper with burn holes by Religion Clothing
Back to black: let's get rough in Religion Clothing post-NYE

Overdosed on glam frocks and faux fox-fur coats? Eyes tired of diamante flashes? Wondering where and when you'll ever use those NYE gold-and-ruby chandelier earrings again?

Remain fearless.

Because January's when comedown casual comes into its own. Especially in the teensy-weensy days and endless nights of post-Xmas, pre-midterm holiday UK.

But be on your guard. We don't expect to see you traipsing to work in shabby jumpers or propping up the bar in crumpled leggings. So we've got 5 casual womenswear pieces that put the stylish back into mean old winter.

And they're all under £80.

The Soft and Cuddly Cardi

Drape front Pilot Cardigan in pale grey with ribbed detailing
Religion Pilot Cardigan: made for winter weekends


The drapey Pilot Cardigan (£74.90) in palest grey's made for those weekend hours when you're free to watch what YOU want. Curl up in its softness and tuck into a full series of Girls - or Game of Thrones. Or just keep yourself warm under the totally inappropriate office AC.

The Barely-There Jumper

Grey and white round-neck knit jumper for women by Religion Clothing
The Satan Jumper brings sexy back to knits

While the Satan Jumper (£69.90)  is what we've been craving for ages: a sexy knit top that doesn't need a vest underneath. Oh yes. With just enough reveal on top, and a solid body from boobs down, it's a lifesaver when you want knitwear without the granny factor.

The Killer Dress (Without the Spangles)

Speaking of ooh-la-la, if you're party life is going on strong, but you want the 'now' non-sparkly look, you absolutely have to (really) get this Religion Clothing dress (£69.90). Endlessly lust-for, and totally anti-glitz, it fits Jan/Feb like ice on pavement. Cinch the waist with a leather belt or (even better) a long silk scarf for contrast.

The Essential Denim Jacket

Now, let's address what to wear when you can't face bare arms (too cold or no time to shave).

Grey biker jacket with burn holes and seaming
Biker + burn marks: your party jacket sorted

A biker jacket in soft material's called for, and the Celestial Jacket (£74.90) is it. Urban grey (doesn't show dirt marks!), seaming detail to the arms, and burn holes make this right for afterwork drinks when you want to tone down the office look. As well as for those evenings when all you want is four-to-the-floor clubbing without the coat-check hassle. This girls' jacket stands up to crumpling, folding, and spilt drinks.

The Bad-gal Sweat Top

And last, but never least, it's a (you guessed it) print sweat top. They're here to stay, and we're pretty happy about it actually. This black and white skeleton sweat with dip hem by Religion (£44.90, main photo) is going to take you straight through summer too. All about brand insiders, with refs to punk and East London, the Burn Top's a bad-gal fave for sure.

What'll you be wearing over this comedown month? Let us know in the comments! x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

7 Best Non-Xmas T-Shirts For Men On a Mission

Red men's t-shirt with triangle and photo print by Religion Clothing
Lost souls: save yourselves this holiday in the Sombre Fin T-Shirt

Circo Loco NYD is going to be hot like atmosphere re-entry. Tickets for Dimensions have already flashed under your nose. And in a couple of weeks, the haven of family-free parties is what you'll be thirsting for.

But there's something. Not. Quite. Right. Here.

You don't feel yourself. You need an escape from pretending you don't already know the 'surprise' your girlfriend's got you. Escape from the day when you'll have to wear that jacket mum got you because the shop assistant told her to.

Be fearless. Help's at hand.

Because we've got some oh-yes favourites fresh on our virtual shelves.

Some new men's t-shirts to make everything all right again. Including our pick of the month.

3 Tees For The Very Bad Indeed

White and red Punish Me t-shirt with photo print and scoop neck
You do it to yourself. Punish Me tee, £39.90

Start with this double-trouble tee, the Playing Card T-Shirt by Religion Clothing, £34.90. As fine on the back as it is on the front. Complete with ace illustration and Union Jack card reverse, it's Bond-meets-Balearics.

And it gets better. Jump on the Sombre Fin t-shirt (main pic, £39.90) in cardinal red for a bucket of rock references plus regular fit, and a frankly wicked photo print. Midnight remedy is at hand.

While those of you craving something more dirty dancefloor-ready need the Punish Me tee (above). Two-tone and scoop neck, this piece is all about taking it night through to day. Survive winter with the Cole Jacket, £140, over top, and a trusty pair of waxed jeans.

To tell the truth, there are at least 2 more men's t-shirts that should be in this section, but we can't spoil you, can we? Check out the bad-boys we left out right here.

Logo T-Shirts You'll Wear Without Shame

But Religion Clothing fans will be all over our next three pieces.

Praying skeleton logo t-shirt in white with scoop neck
Crisp white and bare bones: Religion Clothing London tee

Show you know how to do it plain and simple in the Religion London T-Shirt (above, £39.90) in winter white.

Regular fit praying skeleton logo t-shirt with stripes
Definitely a cult men's tee, by Religion Clothing, £22

Go a bit more Shoreditch in the Skeleton Stripes tee in black & white. (Sorry, boys, the photo above's the wrong colour.) Or keep your style wintry dark in the Praying Skeleton Crew Neck in deep grey, £34.90. Workable with bashed jeans or under a smart jacket.

As with all Religion menswear, the back-and-front details have won us over. No halfway measures. All-over prints and crucifix stitching are what you want as a brand fan.

Our Top Men's Tee This Month

What's more, if you missed out on the Wanted Sweat, we've got the same print on the Wanted Cationic T-Shirt. Worn-in, 'I've owned this for ever' wash colour, subtle Union Jack ref, and supercool cowgirl to the front. It's our top pick for the start of 2014.

Crew-neck men's t-shirt by Religion Clothing with girl photo print and Union Jack scarf
She's looking at you, yes you. Wanted Cationic Tee, £34.90

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Xmas or Date Drinks: Dress Up in These Pieces For Fast Wow Factor

Sparkle print on the black Chanted Maxi Dress
Bit of sparkle on the Religion Clothing Chanted Maxi Dress

Accessories at the ready, Ladies!

It's time to picture which clutches, heels, fashion earrings and big-rock necklaces to work with these jet black pieces.

Cover all bases, from Christmas party to crucial second date to mid-week night out, with 5 hot items.

But first: Quick Announcement! All the coats from last week's post are In Stock. Grab 'em while you can on Obsession 4 Fashion.

And now back to today's biz, with the winter maxi.

Maxis are in the fashion news these days. Like a bulb's come on and the press has seen the light: long dresses that cover more skin in freezing weather are a good idea. And the Chanted Maxi Dress (above, £60) with Falling Fire Print has cape sleeves for even more coverage. But it's not for wallflowers.

No, you're definitely boosting the dark drama in this flowing dress. The Falling Fire print has just enough on-trend glitter factor across the shoulders and up the legs to brighten your moves. While the lush fabric is rich, rich, rich.

If maxi dresses aren't your thing, the cute-yet-naughty Castor will be.

Double layer Castor mini dress in jet black
Religion Clothing Castor Dress with chiffon overlay

The chiffon tunic overlay with youthful front pleating makes the Castor Dress (£45) deceptively sweet. But slit batwing sleeves and a mini length give you enough edge to take this straight to date night. Wear with tights, Mary Janes, and a cardi for work. Then you only need make-up and quick switch to bare legs or fine hosiery for a night out.

Speaking of cardigans, I know they're a no-no for a bunch of you. You hear 'cardigan' and think of grandad falling asleep in front of TV. Or, worse, twinset-sporting Stepford Wives. But if any designer can prove different, it's Religion Clothing.

Metallic shine and solid trim on black knit cardigan
Dress it up with chunky necklaces, Voodoo Cardigan, £49.99

Pull on the Voodoo Cardi over your party dress for a cover-up that does justice to your mission. Or wear it with biker jeans, crop top, and multi chains for '90s style. Again, you've got enough sparkle going on here for flexibility. And the trim also has a grown-up look. Like twisted Chanel.

Another top look is to keep it sheer in the black Amore Top (£35). The drape hem is perfect for crop leather jackets and leggings. Or pair it with loose trousers and soaring heels for a dressier look. Either way, this top is simply packed with sensuality.

Black tape knit jumper with ladder effect and round neck
Black laddered Miton Jumper by Religion Clothing

And one for the Dalston weekenders: the Miton Jumper (£50) is made for layering. Our model's working it over a semi-sheer black bodysuit. Or you can go with a corset bra for more reveal on club nights. While a contrast-colour long-sleeve top is an option for pub Sundays followed by a night in the pool hall. It's easy to style this tape knit jumper up or down with extra jewellery. I'd even go for a shaggy jacket on top for contrast...winter dressing should be fun, after all.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New! Religion Clothing Coats For Work, Weekends & Winter Wickedness

High-neck winter trench coat for women with zip fastening
Religion Clothing War Trench Coat, coming soon

Sick of flicking through photos of LA-based celebs in gorgeous winter coats (like they need them)? But can't quite pull yourself away?

End the envy right now, Girls.

Because new Religion Clothing stock is landing soon and it's totally perfect for banishing winter bleugh. Here are three of the best women's coats we've seen in ages.

They don't come cheap, but for designer style and fashion kudos, they're hard as astrophysics to beat.

Whether you're after a heritage-inspired winter trench for a chalet princess or a Doutzen Kroes-worthy contrast-sleeve boyfriend coat, you'll be happy with these.

Snowy Haze or Rainy Days

The Religion Clothing War Trench Coat (Coming Soon, £150) in rich mahogany is an A-list mix of heritage style and modern-girl practical. With low-key references to military great coats, a waist-cinching belt, high collar and double fastening for warmth, this is your standby winter jacket.

Wear it over skinny biker jeans and the latest mid calf-length boots on Sundays. Or stay warm on Saturday nights when you wear it over that new party dress and daringly bare legs.

Ace Androgyny in This Winter Coat

Up next is the Religion Clothing Independence Jacket (Coming Soon, £150).

Leather sleeve double-breasted womens winter coat in black
Leather sleeve Independence Coat by Religion

In winter-friendly charcoal grey with contrast black leather sleeves and a straight cut, it's clean and lean. And seriously fashion-savvy. The double-breasted cut and dark colours are sophisticated. Plus the body is 100% wool, so you'll stay warm through these dark days and nights. You can definitely wear this to impress at meetings (and ordinary work days), or over a sleek jumpsuit with chunky jewellery and heels.

Cool Celebrity Street Style in the Bag

And then there's the good-enough-to-eat Religion Clothing Ceremony leather jacket (Coming Soon, £200). We're saying razor-sharp style.

Ceremony Jacket in black leather with zip details

The ink black leather looks creamy, while the chocolate brown upper arm and back make this winter jacket stand out from the crowd like models stand out from mules. Biker-style sleeve zips and fastening add bad-girl factor. And just check out the back...

Chocolate brown fabric back on a black leather biker-style jacket
Religion Clothing Ceremony Jacket from the back

Let us know your favourite! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for a chance at £50 voucher spend @O4Fashion

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion Want! Religion Clothing Jumpers Under £50

Rihanna in ripped Religion Clothing God Save the Queen jumper
Hot jumper. Rihanna wears Religion Clothing on the town

First really crisp days this week? Methinks it's woolly scarf time and ALMOST gloves time. Which means...

It's time for a cool jumper refresh too.

Here are 5 of the best from Religion Clothing. Darkly elegant or bold as brass, they're all under £50 so get clicking!

Stretch hem, loose fit and a cool wash print on a grey Religion Clothing jumper
Religion Dirty Wash jumper, £30 - hint of frosty sparkle

This first jumper's made for leggings. With a stretch hem, loose-fit body and cloud-like wash dye, the Dirty Wash Jumper puts plenty of ooh la la in your winter wardrobe.

Then there's the faded print God Save the Queen shredded jumper (main pic) - ok, just the hem's shredded. You're still warm. We've got it for £29.99. And it's got Rihanna's stamp of approval.

Loose fit Union Jack jumper in blue, white and red
Religion Union Jack jumper, £28, ace with leggings

Now, stick with the patriotic look. Just pair it with biker skinny jeans or - for contrast - sleek cigarette pants and heels. The Union Jack Jumper by Religion Clothing (£28) has a low-cut round neckline, stretch black hem and cuffs, and a distressed finish to the print for the right mix of heritage and 21st-century fashion.

Cable knit long grey cardigan with zip front by Religion Clothing
Religion Clothing Lord Cardigan in grey cable knit

Wondering what to wear with those leather trousers? Pour yourself into them and then throw on the Lord Cardigan (£30) and a pair of big 'celeb in hiding' sunglasses.

No more freezing under the office air-con. The Religion Clothing Silence Jumper (£45) has a built-in snood/scarf thingy to keep you softly cosy. Chunky knit, wear-anywhere black, and machine washable. Dream winter jumper indeed.